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Please note the following requirements:

If you do not meet all of the following requirements you may not be allowed on track. We may not provide any refund or credit for the event:

  1. If you drive a convertible, your car must have either aftermarket rollover protection or OEM/Factory rollover protection. Cars that are allowed include all cars with Pop-Up rollbars (Ferrari, Porsche cars) and cars with substantial roll hoops (Honda S2000, Boxster for example). YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON TRACK if your car does not meet our requirements and YOU MAY NOT RECEIVE A REFUND. Please contact us if you wish to make sure your car is allowed.
  2. You must have a Snell rated helmet (either Auto or Motorcycle) rated 2010 or newer. The preferred helmet is an SA rated helmet. If you do not have a helmet and cannot obtain or borrow one, Fast Toys may provide one for you (upon availability).
  3. You must bring a tech form with you to the track. The tech form can be filled out by you or your mechanic – whoever is qualified. We do not tech cars at the track. It is your responsibility to bring a sound and safe car to the event. Tech form will be sent by email to you before the event.
  4. TOW POINTS are highly recommended on the front and rear of your car. If we have to tow you off track or out of deep sand and you do not have a very strong, well-mounted tow point, your car may be damaged. Whether you have a tow point or not, Fast Toys will not be responsible for damage done to your car during the towing process.
  5. Performance driving/track events are dangerous. There are inherent risks involved whenever you drive your car at a high rate of speed. Fast Toys assumes no liability for any injury or damage that occurs to you or your car.
  6. Drivers must be 16 years or older
  7. Children must be accompanied by an adult
  8. Cancellation Received 10 Days or more before Event Start: Refund less 10% or Full Credit towards future event. Cancellation Received within 10 days of Event Start, during event, or after event: No refund or credit given. Exceptions are not made for any reason, including mechanical problems with your car. Events will be run rain or shine.

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