Introducing Time Trial in 2023, Fast Toys adds another excitement to its track events.

Rules are pretty simple:

  • Time Trial is offered to every track event in the 2024 calendar,
  • To sign up for Time Trial, you need to have timing and transponder. If you are a Fast Toys member, timing and transponder are complimentary. If not, there is a cost for timing ($10) and transponder rental ($30) if you don’t have your own. If you selected timing at registration, you are automatically signed up for Time Trial,
  • Time Trial is separated in 3 classes:
    • Race Cars: non street legal car with slick or DOT tires
    • Small Bore: Street legal cars with less than 500hp and DOT tires
    • Big Bore: Street legal cars with more than 500hp and DOT tires
  • Fastest time will need to be set before 3pm,
  • Podium ceremony with trophies and prizes for the fastest three participants of each class at 4pm,
  • Minimum of 3 contestants per class to be eligible for prizes,
  • Professional race car drivers are not allowed to participate (and if they do, their fastest time will be discarded anyway).