Chris Carel, CEO and owner of Fast Toys Club:

“Who never dreamed to drive on the race track? With all these limitations on the public roads, and the constant increase in power of the cars, the best way to go fast and safely is on the race track. Learning how to drive your own car to the limit, with skilled instructors to take you to the next level, that’s something fun and filled with adrenaline!

Then the next step would be to drive a real factory built race car on the race track, that’s an entire different experience by itself. After that, you wouldn’t want to drive anything else on a circuit.

And if at some point you get bored of track days, you can always join our racing program to race against other competitors and earn your racing license. The fun is on the race track, not the road.

Personally, I feel safer driving fast on the race track than driving at speed on public roads!

Start your engine!

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