Pescarolo 02 Le Mans Prototype

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Project Description

  • Type: Race car
  • Engine: V8
  • 0-60 MPH: 2.9s
  • Top Speed (MPH): 186
  • Power (HP): 400
  • Transmission: Paddle-Shift
  • MSRP: $220,000
  • Rate: Daily: From $6,999/Track Day – Members: From 7 Credits
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Pescarolo Team was a motorsport team based in Le Mans, France and founded in February 2000 by French – 4 times Le Mans winner – racing driver Henri Pescarolo. The Pescarolo 02 is a sportcar prototype for endurance racing with an important safety spirit and pleasure to drive. Introduce new components in aerodynamics, the exhaust, cooling system as well as mirrors and engine airbox. Only 10 cars were made and probably the only one on american soil.

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