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Welcome to Fast Toys Club, the only all-inclusive Exotic, Luxury and Race Car Club Rental in California. Based in Los Angeles, we serve our Customers and Members within the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas. Our range of services varies from single day exotic car rental, up to 365 days of luxury car services through our Membership Plans. We also organize Track Days all over California, whether if you want to participate with your own exotic car or if you’d prefer to rent one of our Race Cars. In addition, we offer exciting Driving Tours in Los Angeles and San Francisco, if you’d like to experience up to 6 Exotic and Luxury Cars in one day!


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    CHARGE: Renter will immediately be billed a rental charge for rental period chosen.
    SECURITY DEPOSIT: Renter is subject to $5,000 or $10,000 security pre-authorization when taking delivery of the car. Deposit varies per car and insurance method. If renters insurance is chosen, security deposit then becomes half of advertised deposit.
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